Monday, December 10, 2012

Taking It Back To The Old School…

A couple of weeks ago, I showed y'all the vintage design that Matt and I are trying to emulate in our guest bathroom (here).

We have run into a bit of a road block, however, because we love the black-and-white color scheme you see in a lot of vintage baths, but are concerned that it will be too harsh in our small space. So after scouring Pinterest, Houzz and Decorpad, I found an alternative option that I love, but am afraid that it strays too far from "vintage" theme to a more glamorous feel. The first pic below is our original inspiration and the second pic is my alternative.

I don't know about y'all, but when I hit a road block in trying to design a space, I like to go to the stores to see all my options in person. It is so much easier for me to make decisions once I have a chance hold the hot little gadgets in my hands and see what they look like "for real" (yo). So I hit Ferguson's, Morrison's, the Depot and Lowes and found all kinds of great inspiration. First, I found two contenders for our faucets.

I love the goose neck design on both faucets and the cross handles. Both faucets are extremely similar, but I am leaning more towards the first faucet because I like the thickness of the handle bases. But I love the "Hot" and "Cold" labels on the second faucet's handles, which scream retro to me.

After finding two faucet options, I checked out the shower systems. The first guy that caught my eye was this beauty:

I absolutely adore the exposed pipes, the mix of the cross-handle and lever, the extended gooseneck and the large showerhead. I also love the oil rubbed bronze color; however, we will use polished chrome in the guest bath. The only problems with this shower system are the fact that it did not come with a matching tub faucet (although I am sure the company has coordinating pieces in the collection) and that it was a budget breaker. So, I kept searching and the next possible contender I found is this little gem:

It has a similar goose-neck and large showerhead, but does not have the exposed pipe (which helps with my budget concerns). I also love the tub faucet and the "Hot" and "Cold" labels on the shower valve. So after about 5 hours of retail therapy, I felt like I had a better handle on our "vintage" vision. But before I left the last store, I had to snap this guy:

Cause how freaking cool would it be to have a dragon in our bathroom! I figure that if I can't get this room sorted, we will ditch the "vintage" theme and design the bath around this bad boy. Options people, you always have to have options. Once I got home, and was armed with my original design photos and my new shopping inspiration, I hit Olioboard to create my "Vintage Bathroom" inspiration board. I ended up blending the two bathrooms together and think that this board is a good mix of vintage and glam.

Vintage Guest Bathroom Olioboard

The plan (for the moment) is to keep the black and white basketweave floor tiles and subway tile wainscoting, but soften the room with light gray walls, blue accents and white trim. We will also pick-up the vintage feel with the sink and shower faucets and the memoirs toilet. I am pretty happy with how the blended look is shaping up (meastro, que happy dance music please). But I would love to hear what you think, so please feel free to post a comment! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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