Friday, December 7, 2012

I'll Take Any Extra Space I Can Get

Yesterday, we explored our backyard and new patio. So today, we are going to check out the new fourth bedroom that Matt and I are adding above the master bedroom. This is the second of two extensions that we are adding to the house (the first being the 5 foot extension of the front exterior wall and enlarged dormer that we talked about here). We originally thought we would put decking down in the space above the master bedroom and use it as storage. However, the longer we lived in the house, the more we realized that the space was actually begging to be turned into a bedroom. Although the three bedrooms the house has now are large, we ultimately decided to add the 4th bedroom because of the flexibility that it will provide once bambinos enter the picture. So, like we have in previous posts, here is the current floor plan on the left and the new floor plan with the 4th bedroom highlighted in red.

The picture on the left is our "Before" picture with arrows showing the master bedroom and the kitchen. The picture on the right shows where we are today with the new bedroom framed out. I love the size of the room and how it gives some more privacy in the backyard.

Here is what the room looks like from the inside of the house. I think the large window will add a lot of light to the room, which will be needed once we get the roof.

We are also removing the windows in the living room and replacing them with folding doors. The idea is to be able to open the doors to create an indoor/outdoor living space between the living room and patio. Here are the windows that we are changing and an example of the doors that we are adding (I found this picture here). I think they are so cool..they make me do the happy dance just thinking about them‼!

So here we are today. The picture on the left shows the view into the house from the patio. As you can see, not only did we remove the windows, but we removed the wall to the right of the windows to fully open the space. The picture on the right shows the view from the living room. I think the large windows in the door will bring a ton of natural light into the living room and will make the space feel a larger regardless of whether the doors are opened or closed.

Hope you enjoyed the update and have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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