Thursday, November 29, 2012

But I want it ALL!!!

I am severely ADD when it comes to style. While obsessing over combing through Houzz, Decorpad, and Pinterest, I have found myself falling in love with completely different style homes (be it traditional, transitional, craftsman, modern, rustic or elegant) depending on the day. This has made it extremely difficult to come up with a particular "style" for our home because I don't want to pick just one. So, Matt and I have decided to say forget tradition and go with what makes us happy. This means embracing my schizophrenic style and going with different styles in the various rooms throughout the house. However, we don't want the house to feel completely disjointed, so we are now faced with the challenge of figuring out how to tie the different rooms together.

The first room that Matt and I have been able to agree on is the guest bathroom. We love the idea of creating a vintage bathroom with wainscoting, subway tiles, basket weave floor tiles, and chrome fixtures. This is the original picture that we fell in love with.

I found this little gem here. We totally dig the subway tile wainscoting, but also how they were able to keep it visually interesting by adding the two black bands. We also love the "floor mat" they created with the combination of black and white basket weave tiles bordered with plain white tiles. However, the main thing that impresses me about this bathroom is how it gives the impression of space although it is clearly very small.

We have two concerns with this design though. First, although we think the black and white motif created in the bathroom above is super cool, we are afraid that it could be a bit too harsh. We have seen tons of pictures of homes with carrara marble in bathrooms and think the grey and white patterns in carrara marble will soften the contrast. The second concern is using tile for the wainscoting. Although it looks great in my dream bathroom, we don't have as much wall space to create the pattern and are concerned that the bathroom might end up feeling more like a hospital ward than a vintage relaxation retreat for our guests (although I am 100% positive that none of our guest will think "Oh yippy, time to head into the vintage relaxation retreat"...but hey, a girl can dream). An alternative route we can take would be to use traditional wood wainscoting, like in this beauty.

Oh how I adore the floor, the grey walls, the wainscoting and the light fixture. Here is a wider view where you can see the rest of the bathroom.

The only concern here is that this bathroom gives off more a "traditionally elegant" feel and abandons the vintage style we love. So I guess the answer now is to hit the streets and start shopping (isn't that always the answer) so that we can start picking our pieces and putting the room together. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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